My cousin was visiting from Germany, where they don’t have very many ice cream trucks, and we had been chilling at the cabin for the weekend and would hear it at all sorts of day time hours. The last day we were there, it got close again and I said “Man, that ice cream truck is relentless” and my cousin yells out “YOU GUYS HEAR IT TOO?!”

He thought he had been hallucinating the music the entire time and just decided not to tell anyone.



One time in drama class we were playing this game where you have to keep asking each other questions but it has to be on the same topic, and I was up with this mean girl who everyone really doesn’t like bc she’s a bitch and she’s really dumb, and she was like ‘have you ever failed a test?’ And my sassy side came out and I was like ‘have you ever passed one?’ (I said it in a sassy voice too) my teacher laughed so hard